Uni-Hook: 3MT SWL (Fixed Cap)
Pneumatic supply: 18.0 CC (1.1 cubic inch) at 2.5-2.85 BAR (35-40 PSI) free air or nitrogen per cycle.
Pneumatic fitting: 1/4" NPT.
Typical use includes connection to lift chain by shackle or double clevis link (not included). Fixed Cap Unihook will accept up to a 16mm (5/8") diameter pin.
Designed to 4:1 safety factor.
Factory tested and certified (Manufacturer's proof load test).
Corrosion resistant cap, body and latch. Also Hook depending on model.
Individually serialized.
Capacity: 3 MT (6615 lbs.) max. Safe working load.
Size: 102mm (4") wide x 54mm (2-1/8") thick x 219mm (8-5/8") tall
Weight: 3.9kg (8.6 lbs.)
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