1923 CRANSTON WIRE BINDING MACHINES Co. (CWBM) incorporates in Portland, Oregon. Company receives multiple patents and manufactures scores of automatic wire binding machinery used to strap a wide range of bundled products. Global distribution was direct by CWBM and by authorized agent, Gerrard Wire Tying Machinery Co. in London England, Hamilton Ontario, Chicago Illinois, Melbourne Australia and Wellington New Zealand.
1928 CRANSTON Co. and CRANSTON Co. of WENATCHEE, incorporate in Spokane and Wenatchee Washington. Both were wooden box manufacturing companies utilizing patented assembly and wire strapping technologies by CWBM. Box distribution was direct to West Coast produce growers.
1938 CRANSTON MACHINERY Co. Inc. (CMCO or CRANSTON) incorporates in Oak Grove, Oregon. Company starts business with multiple patents which ignite hi-volume manufacturing of machinery used for automatic insertion of corrugated steel fasteners, wooden box assembly machinery and new technologies for automatic wire strapping. See below for more information regarding CRANSTON MACHINERY Co. Inc.
1947 MUTUAL BINDING MACHINERY Co. incorporates in Oak Grove, Oregon, (later to be named CRANSTON STEEL STRAPPING). Company designs and manufactures scores of automatic wire binding machinery for newspaper and other similar bundles. Distribution was global. Company was absorbed by CRANSTON MACHINERY.
1965 CRAMCO Ltd. incorporates in New West Minister, British Columbia. Company provided sales, manufacturing and support in Canada for CMCO’s pulp and paper packaging products. Company was absorbed by CRANSTON MACHINERY.
1972 CRANSTON DIVERSIFIED INDUSTRIES incorporates in Oak Grove, Oregon. Company is the current sole owner of CRANSTON MACHINERY CO. INC.
CRANSTON MACHINERY Co Inc. revolutionizes pulp packaging with the industries first automatic wire strapper. C Tennant & Sons of New York, Alhstrom Oy. of Finland and C.Itoh Co. of Japan, are signed to provide global distribution.

Company extends its scope of supply and begins to produce complete packaging systems for pulp mills and package breakdown systems for the receiving paper mills. CRANSTON branches out in the paper mills and begins supply of paper roll handling and packaging equipment. CRANSTON becomes the exclusive supplier to the AHLSTROM (later VALMET) company and project specific supplier to the ANDRITZ Co. resulting in pulp packaging system installations around the globe.

The wire strapping business grows to include lumber, waste, recycle and cotton and with the addition of CRANSTON'S Wire welding technologies, the synthetic fibers market. With its leading technologies and strong ties to the pulp and paper industry, CRANSTON agrees to participate in the development of what is now the International standard for Unitizing and Top Attachment Lifting for wood pulp which transformed the loading of pulp in open hatch vessels. The company begins deliveries of Unitizing systems, Lifting beams and lifting hook devices.

CRANSTON opens its doors to the Northwest region and quickly builds a reputation and prominence as a quality designer and manufacturer of custom equipment and tools.
Pulp Industry’s first Automatic wire strapping machine.
Today, CRANSTON continues to support its expanding customer base with new and exciting custom products as well as upgrades and rebuilds. CRANSTON has joined the many in Industry that are concentrating on environmental sensitivity, reduced power solutions and eco-friendly products. CRANSTON utilizes several agents and distributors for global distribution and its current operations being carried out in its facility include engineering, machining, fabrication, finishing, assembly, testing, research, and warehousing of parts and supplies.
Cranston's mission is to be a manufacturer of quality machinery for the packaging, handling or manipulation of pulp, paper and other related industries. We strive to be a valued partner with our customers and vendors by providing superior products, support and supplies. We will accomplish this through individual performance and team effectiveness.
CRANSTON'S Employee Values
Expect Excellence, Nothing Less.
CRANSTON'S Achievements
Over the years, the CRANSTON family businesses have participated in several diverse industries creating an impressive history of Invention and Innovation. The following devices, machines or systems are just a sampling of these many achievements - many are Industry firsts and involve US and/or International patents.
Patents and Machinery for automatic wire strapping of wooden boxes, newspaper street bundles, and similar sized products.
Patent and Machinery for mechanical assembly of wooden boxes.
Patents and Machinery for automatic insertion of corrugated steel fasteners.
Patents and Machinery for automatically dispensing and folding wrappers on wood pulp bales.
Production system for Urethane molding.
Patents and Machinery used for automatically wire strapping Military C-Rations, Lumber units, Wood pulp bales, Cotton bales, Synthetic fiber bales and Bales of Municipal waste and Recycled fibers (Twisted Knot Technologies).
Complete production systems for automatically packaging wood pulp bales.
Automatic Machinery for retaining wood pulp bales with repulpable adhesive.
Complete production systems for feeding paper machine repulpers.
Patents and Wire Strapping Machinery using wire welding technologies.
Patents, International Specification, Machinery and Tools for Automatic Unitizing and Top Attachment lifting of wood pulp, featuring direct attachment to unit wires.
Complete production systems for automatically packaging paper rolls.
Patent and Machinery. Universal design, lifting beam. Automatic attach lift beam.
Patent and Machinery for water filled burning tables - steel profile cutting.
Automatic processing system for manufacturing wooden doors.
Patent and handheld tools for cutting steel wire and flat banding.
Patents, Machinery and Hand tools for application and sealing of strapping made of paper.
CRANSTON'S Trade Names, Acronyms and Names associated with Cranston products.
CWBM: Cranston Wire Binding Machines Company
CMCO: Cranston Machinery Company
Fuselok: Trade name registered by Cranston for Cranston automatic wire strapping machines using welded joint technology.
Twistlock: Trade name registered by C. Tennant & Sons for marketing Cranston automatic wire strapping machines using twisted knot technology.
Unitizer: Cranston trade name for its automatic Unitizing machine.
RapStrap: Trade name registered by Cranston for marketing repulpable paper strap and Cranston’s automatic equipment to apply and seal it.
Handi-Bander: Cranston trade name for its handheld RapStrap tension and seal tool.
RapPress: Cranston trade name for its wrapper gluing machinery.
RapBond: Cranston trade name for its repulpable wrapper adhesive.
Byrap: Cranston trade name for its pre-cut sheet wrapper dispenser.
Econorap: Cranston trade name for its 1 piece wrapper dispenser.
Byconorap: Cranston trade name for its double action 1 piece wrapper dispenser.
Enfold: Cranston trade name for its current automatic wrapper folding machine.
Byfold: Cranston trade name for its pre-1978 wrapper folding machine.
Wirelube: Cranston trade name for its eco-friendly lubricants.
Excalibur: Cranston trade name for its battery operated wire cutting system.
PWC: Cranston trade name for its powered wire/steel band cutting system.
Crestlift: Trade name registered by Cranston for Cranston automatic attaching lift frames.
Uni-lift: Cranston trade name for its manually operated lifting hook.
Uni-hook: Cranston trade name for its 2, 3 and 5mt pneumatic release lifting hooks.
Uni-latch: Cranston trade name for its 7.5mt pneumatic release lifting hook.
Web-latch: Cranston trade name for its 5 and 10mt pneumatic release lifting hook - webs.
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