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Company Culture

Not long ago, the entire staff was asked; “What are the most important personal values in your life?” The results were overwhelmingly consistent; Integrity, Trust, Honesty, and Family.

Our Corporate values were also reevaluated. Being; Competent, Available, Responsive and Effective ranked at the top.

With these decrees in hand, we posted our Commitment to Conduct and launched our 5 R’s program.

At Cranston, every team member is provided a safe environment where ideas, opinions and suggestions are sincerely welcome. It is our jobs that are at stake.

It is truly a pleasure to be engaged in such an organization and to promote its many offerings to others in the business community”

Ed Cranston

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We as individuals and as employees of Cranston Machinery will:

  • Aspire to showcase our personal values of Integrity, Trust, Honesty and our commitment to family in all endeavors.
  • Strive for effectiveness by being competent in our chosen career path.
  • Aspire to continually improve our personal skills and our products.
  • Be available when called upon, as our ultimate goal is to achieve a working partnership with fellow employees, vendors and customers.
  • Trust in each other’s abilities. Opinions will be shared and accepted in the spirit intended.
  • Be honest, yet respectful and professional in our response to all that we communicate with.
Results, Refresh, Refine, Reinvent, Reinvest

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