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Safety & Mechanical Audits

Where you find Cranston products you find an application that is tough, where minimal attention is available, where routine maintenance and on-the-fly repairs are critical, and where benefits can be profound with even the smallest of improvements.

When it comes to support, Cranston understands the mission. Technical Specialists, Engineers and Product Specialists are available, and a Cranston Field Service Technician is always on call.

Start Right

At Cranston we believe meeting and exceeding your expectations is our job, and that support is a cornerstone of success. There is simply no better way to assure a successful start-up of a new piece of equipment or an upgrade than having a factory representative on your supervisory team. When purchasing new Cranston Equipment or an Upgrade we recommend you include the following:

Factory training

Factory training for your Operation and Maintenance staff, utilizing classroom and hands-on techniques with your new product.

Installation & Start-Up

On-site Monitoring of the Installation & Start-Up.

On-site Training

On-site Training for Machine Operation & Maintenance.

Protect Your Existing Investments

Nobody knows your Cranston products better than the Cranston support group and your experienced in-house team, but occasionally plant-site staffing or site conditions change, and outside help is needed. Cranston Engineers, Technicians and Product specialists excel at assisting in these cases and are available for retraining or mechanical audits when needed. Discounts are available for those that wish to gain the benefits of a custom tailored, pre-scheduled service program.

When a tool or product begins to present performance or reliability issues, the situation can typically be corrected with a comprehensive rebuild. Cranston offers on-site rebuilds or factory rebuilds for tools or equipment. Popular rebuild choices are handheld wire cutters, portable wire strappers, knotters, and wire drive units.

One of today’s hot topics is compliance with the changing safety standards. Cranston professionals are available to help you select an efficient path forward. The first step is a Safety Audit, where both teams get together to define the project objectives and steps.

Staying Competitive with Upgrades and Conversions

The life span of a typical piece of Cranston equipment or a Cranston control system can be measured in decades so as technologies improve, so do opportunities to enhance efficiency, production, and safety, while reducing power and maintenance costs. Enhancements are routinely available by implementing upgrades or conversions, some of which are advertised on the website, but most are results of on-site audits and discussions with a Cranston professional.

PLC Conversions to update obsolete control hardware and software

PLC Conversions to update obsolete control hardware and software

safety compliance

Upgrades for safety compliance

Conversion of earlier hydraulic machines

Conversion of earlier hydraulic machines to new EP technologies

Upgrades of functionality.

Upgrades of functionality

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