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Excalibur cordless wire Cutter

When you need the ability to roam to reach the material, Excalibur’s handheld cordless capabilities are unbeatable. A truly portable tool, the Excalibur wire cutter features a battery operated power pack with adjustable (horizontal or vertical orientation) wire cutting head. Extension kits are available to create the “Lance” (600mm/24″) or “Lance-O-lot” (1220mm/48″). A full charge provides approximately 800 full strength cycles. Cuts single or multiple wires with diameters ranging from 1.82mm (15 AWG) to 3.8mm (9 AWG).

PWC wire and steel strap cutter

When the material is consistently presented on a conveyor, the PWC, and its counterbalance accessories, eliminate operators carrying tools. The PWC cutting system is a powerful and fast-acting tool designed for cutting hi-tensile steel wire, heavy gauge steel strapping, or a combination of the two with a simple pull of a trigger.

The system consists of a power module (that is connected to your extension cord and typical QD equipped pneumatic hose), a cord kit to connect the power module and cutting head, One (1) handheld cutting head (can be Pistol grip, Vertical grip or Lance and equipped with band or wire jaws) and an owner’s manual. The PWC system can be conveniently carried to virtually any dry work area or when the work location is consistent, such as a dedicated conveying system. The power module can be permanently mounted and the cutting tool(s) supported by one of the two standard tool support options (custom options are available).

With the various handle configurations, choice of jaws, options for Siamese tools, lengths of hose kits, and over-head tool supports, the Cranston PWC can be optimized for virtually any application.

Wire Jaws

Strap Jaws

Tension Release Zone

When cutting wires or straps that are under tension, for example when retaining compressed packages of Cotton, Synthetic and Recycled fiber bales, Cranston recommends one of the extended tool solutions.

Extended (Lance) options for PWC:

  • 914mm/36”
  • 1371mm/54”
  • 1981mm/78”

Wire Coiler

By coiling unwanted packing wire into convenient coils, top recycle value is maintained, noise reduced, and operator safety, convenience, and housekeeping all improved.

The Cranston Coiler is a heavy-duty machine design for many years of continuous service. Its operation is extremely quiet, and it requires no regular adjustments. It is compact and can be used at each package breakdown line or as a common device fed from multiple lines. Since the coiler can process thousands of pounds of wire per day, its throughput is limited mostly by the amount of wire available from the dewiring process. A single wire or a group of wires can be manually inserted into the coiling mandrill. The coiling cycle is initiated by the remote bush button which is provided with a 3.6M (12 ft) cord. The Cranston coiler is low profile and can accept drums or boxes as receivers for coils. In high production applications, coils and be dropped onto a discharge conveyor for delivery to a compactor or bin. Positioned, the Cranston coiler’s powerful drive can pull the entire bundle of precut wires from a unit or bale, coil it automatically and drop it into a barrel or optional discharge conveyor.

Wire Tester

Make sure you’re getting the wire you paid for by checking the wire’s physical properties. This certified unit satisfies the wire and joint testing requirements for Cranston Unitized Cargo Lifting Specification CS001 and confirms proper tensile and elongation properties for Cranston Specification CS003, which details the requirements for wire use in Cranston automatic wire strapping machinery.

Designed for virtually all standard machine grade wire:

  • Break strengths up to 1360kg (3000#)
  • Diameters from 1.82mm (15 AWG) to 3.4mm (10 AWG)
  • Elongations of up to 15% for 254mm (10”) long test section.


Handheld tool designed to seal RapStrap paper strapping. Operator aligns the strapping in the seal press and then rotates the seal handle to make the joint. Hand tool reaches initial operating temperature in approximately 1 minute and then seals can be made in approximately the count of 3. An optional bolt-on strap tension module is available. Tool requires typical 120v power and the power cord includes GFI protection. Heaters are not sealed against water egress – tool is not intended for use in wet environments.

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