Pulp & Paper Equipment

Packaging, Pulper Feeding, Converting, and Rewinding

Cranston’s handling equipment connects the key components in your plant site and are proven for use with pulp bales (dry, wet, block), broke, rolls (paper, pulp, tissue, board) as well as recycled fiber bales. Cranston Handling and Manipulation equipment is standard in the EP (Electric and Pneumatic) format. Only limited pieces of equipment utilize Hydraulics. All are powered and controlled for smooth, quiet, dependable operation.

Typical products


chain, belt, slat and cart style conveyors are used to create product movement in straight, turn, swing, incline, shuttle, jump, hinge, and vertical travel configurations. A wide range of accessories such as tilt modules, span bridges, side pans, food grade surfaces, and central lube optimize the equipment to meet your project specifications.

Bale/Stack manipulation

centering units, servo-controlled lift and rotate modules, as well as a range of tipping and rolling devises.

Roll manipulation

sorting stops, cushions, kickers, arm elevators, centering and grouping units, turning rolls, in floor carts, upenders, decks, and ramps.

Safety Barriers and Automation

to suit new and retrofit applications.

Bale Finishing Packaging

With nearly 7 decades of experience and global installations processing market, fluff, dissolving, block, bagasse, and wet pulp, Cranston is uniquely equipped to help you develop a new system or upgrade an existing packaging system.

Cranston finishing technologies include fixed or computer-controlled adjustable packaging equipment, custom data systems, and the latest safety provisions. Cranston’s latest line of EP (Electric Pneumatic) equipment offers the highest levels of production and reliability while reducing noise, housekeeping, and maintenance costs. The latest 2D bar codes are available in Food Grade Ink and are scannable at extended distances.

Standard Products

  • Handling equipment
  • Weighing stations
  • Bale presses (150 – 2600MT)
  • Precut sheet and rolled stock wrapper dispensers
  • Bale retention – (3) choices; wire, paper strap, and adhesive
  • Ink-Jet Printing; logos and barcodes
  • Wrapper folding
  • Stacking
  • Unitizing

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